Our Travel Teams

Next Level Performance’s premier club travel teams provide an environment where student-athletes are able to improve their performance on and off the court or field. We use the vehicle of athletic competition to develop leadership and character in every Next Level athlete.

With a focus on improving each student-athlete’s fundamental skills, our quality coaches will help your student-athlete achieve their highest potential. Each coach is well versed in teaching the proper biomechanics and technique of their sport, giving student-athletes the toolbox to succeed during the club travel season and in their respective school programs.

In addition, Next Level Performance uses a curriculum that addresses the importance of developing moral values, leading with integrity, life skills and leadership. Today’s student athletes face many challenges on and off the field. We foster a community atmosphere for student-athletes to navigate these challenges to best align them for success. We focus on building the mental capacity to help your student-athlete have the poise, focus and fortitude that will help him or her reach their goals on and off the field and, ultimately, in life. Our experienced staff is dedicated to developing a community of servant leaders, one Next Level athlete at a time.

Travel Teams

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