A.) Next Level has built a comprehensive leadership development curriculum that follows the format of

REFLECT – DIRECT – CONNECT. Every conference will require the student-athlete to:

  • REFLECT on who they are as a person,
  • DIRECT their life down the right path to achieve their goals, and
  • CONNECT with those around them that they have the opportunity to lead and positively influence.

Scott and Tim deliver the Next Level message in a way that is inspiring, relevant, and sincere—sharing real stories from their successes and failures, and challenging student-athletes to rise as leaders in their teams, schools, and communities.

Along the way, real issues are addressed, including:

  • social issues and pressures
  • building confidence
  • hard work
  • goal setting
  • appropriate use of social media
  • handling disappointment and failure
  • overcoming adversity

…and many more.

A.) This is entirely up to the athletic director. In the past we’ve seen schools send any student-athlete desiring to be team captain to our leadership conferences. We’ve also done conferences with schools to kick-off their fall, winter, and spring sports seasons, or to culminate a great year and kick-off summer training on the right foot. We are happy to help you select the right group of athletes for your Next Level leadership conference!